SWi12 14TM Innovative Mechanical Flange Spreading Wedge

  • Brand:


  • Model: SWi12/14TM Innovative Mechanical Flange Spreading Wedge
  • Type: Flange Tools


The SWi12/14TM is an innovative spreading wedge is applicable for use on small to medium sized flanges and is mechanically operated using the supplied torquewrench.​

Tool Capabilities

Spreading Force with 175N.m ( torque applied: 120kN (12T) 1st step and 140kN (14T) 4th step

Spreading Distance:
6.0mm – 40.0mm (0.24” - 1.6”) using only 1st step
6.0mm – 87.5mm (0.24” - 3.4”) using 4 steps (without stepped blocks)
48.5mm – 103.5mm (1.9” - 4.1”) using 2 steps (with stepped blocks)

Tool Weight: 6.2kg (13.7lb)

Torque Chart

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